About Us

PCP Claims Group are working as part of reputable law firm Veritas Solicitors based in Manchester. Our team have been in the car sales industry and having become disillusioned with the mal-practice they witnessed they now want to use their expertise to help guide people to get their money back. The aim of the business is to assess your claim and guide you through the claims process as quickly and easily as possible. As of the 28th January 2021, the FCA changed the rules for car dealerships and stopped the practice of dealerships and brokers from adjusting interest rates, which was ultimately how they were making an additional commission for themselves on your car purchase and in 92% of the FCA own report, they were not disclosing the commissions gained from your car purchase. Through our services, we envisage to guide you through the easy stress-free process as quickly as we can using our expertise and legal partners.